Seth and Tia is a crazy, gutter punk, romp as a group of escaped mental patients wreak havoc on the fictional city of Fitzgerald. An indie film made by SAH Studios and Matchstick Entertainment. 19TilDawn created part of the soundtrack for this fun independent movie.

Seth and Tia DVD

  • Seth and Tia, two friends from a mental institution, decide to make plans to break out of their confinement. Realizing they can't do it alone, they ally with enemy patient Gnarly Daren. Seth then betrays Daren by locking him in a cell so he can't escape with them. During Seth and Tia's run of anarchy through the city, Daren escapes from the institution. Now he is out for their blood and will stop at nothing to get his revenge. 

  • This movie contains harsh language, violence, and nudity. Parental discretion is advised